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Doosan DH225 final drive,DH225LC-7,excavator travel motor,DH215,DH300LC,DX300LC,DX260LC,DH370LC,DH220LC,DH215LC,DH360LC,DH210LC,

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Doosan DH225 final drive,DH225LC-7,excavator travel motor,DH215,DH300LC,DX300LC,DX260LC,DH370LC,DH22

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Product Description

Doosan final drive,DH225LC-7,DH225 excavator travel motor,DH215,DH300LC,DX300LC,DX260LC,DH370LC,DH220LC,DH215LC,DH360LC,DH210LC,

Final drive

Model number:doosan DH225 final drive

For this doosan DH225 final drive,Jinan Excavator Parts Company have in stock now,doosan DH225 final drive is new,high desity,high reliabilty,doosan DH225 final drive built in safety valve,and parking brake,doosan DH225 final drive has dual speed control max working pressure and max speed fit yJinan Excavator Parts Company's.

Jinan Excavator Parts Company company is specialized in Hydraulic parts, have many Type of final drive ass'y, travel hydraulic motor, travel reducer,and parts inside.

Jinan Excavator Parts Company can slove yJinan Excavator Parts Company worry.

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For hitaSH,Kobelco,sumitomo,Hyundai,Daewoo,Kotmasu,shantui,volvo,kato,bobcat,ihi etc.


New, ready to be installed



Jinan Excavator Parts Companyight

Please inquiry doosan DH225 final drive Jinan Excavator Parts Companyight


From 1 Pcs

Delivery time

2 days after Payment


3 month days


By Dhl,By Air,ByOecan

Payment methods

T/T,Jinan Excavator Parts Companystern Union,

Supply Ability

500 Pcs / Month


after B/L date in 3 Month , if there are any problems about doosan DH225 final drive, Jinan Excavator Parts Company will supply the inside parts by free.

My ID: shenggang945

doosan DH225 final drive Engine Parts :

Piston,liner, gasket set, bearing, valve, crankshaft,connect rod, camshaft,cyl block,cyl head, turbo,starter, water pump, alternator, feed pump, injector, fuel pump.......
doosan DH225 final drive Hydraulic Parts:

Hydraulic main pump, gear pump, swing motor, travel motor, final drive assy, swing device unit, main control valve, hydraulic spare parts, final drive parts, swing motor parts......

doosan DH225 final drive Undercarriage Parts:

top roller,bottom/track roller, idler,sproker, track shoe, track link, adjust cyl,arm/boom/bucket cyl, adjust spring, exvavator bucket, bucket teeth/tip, H link......
doosan DH225 final drive Electronic parts :

Throttle/stepper motor,electric appliance,Pressure Switch, Sensor,Switch Start Flameout Solenoid , monitor, controller/ECU......
doosan DH225 final drive Cabin parts : inside all parts control handle,door,glass,lock.

1.Jinan Excavator Parts Company have doosan DH225 final drive final drive,New and Used.

2. For doosan DH225 final drive insider parts, ,if you want repair, Jinan Excavator Parts Company can supply all you need.

3. By the way ,Jinan Excavator Parts Company have very good price for the doosan DH225 final drive Travel motor(Final drive), Hydraulic pump,Excavator cabin,Rubber tracks,Undercarriage parts , Engine parts etc. go to Jinan Excavator Parts Company home

4. For doosan DH225 final drive Jinan Excavator Parts Company packing use JINING HAOCHANG wood packaging,or Waterproof paper ,save shipping charge. doosan DH225 final drive Shipping By Express in 3-4 days.By Air in 4-6 days.or by sea in 18-25 days.

5. About US.

1.Trave Motor , Final Drive supplier in Korea and Jinan Excavator Parts Company are supplying OEM quality of Travel Motor, Travel Reduction , Final Drive etc.


3.Jinan Excavator Parts Company sell, service and stock for Final Drives and Hydraulic Travel Motors as fitted to most modern
tracked excavators from 6 to 80tons. Jinan Excavator Parts Company offer new and service-exchange units from stock or Jinan Excavator Parts Company are pleased to quote to service, repair or rebuild yJinan Excavator Parts Company drives from Jinan Excavator Parts Company purpose buit modern workshop.
Jinan Excavator Parts Company can provide you to find final drives from Transmital / Bonfiglioli. Brevini, Kayaba, Kawasaki,TongMyung or Nabtesco.




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MS40 MS70-8 MS110-8 MS120 MS180-3 MS240 MS300-8


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