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NACHI PISTON PUMP PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191A Features: 1. Significantly reduce losses and save poJinan Excavator Parts Companyr 2. Through the use of NACHI unique design of the semi-cylindrical swash plate, you can maintain a stable amount of oil, reduce flow loss, according to the effective use of load cycle poJinan Excavator Parts Companyr. Saving energy, reducing the loss of skill, to achieve low-cost NACHI PISTON PUMP PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191Aion. 3. Smooth operation, low noise In the boots, swashplate, with oil pan and other places are used muffler structure. To achieve a low noise, especially through the semi-circular swashplate, stabilize the operating characteristics, low noise when running. NACHI piston pump is a variable axial piston pump, with a significant reduction in loss, saving poJinan Excavator Parts Companyr characteristics: the stability of the oil, can reduce the flow loss, reduce poJinan Excavator Parts Companyr loss; smooth operation, low noise: the pump The core of the various components to take a muffler structure, stable action characteristics, so that the operation to reduce the noise; high reliability, long life. Such as PVS-0B-8N1-30, PVS-1B-16 / 22N2-12, PVS-2B-35 / 45N2-12 such pumps can reach 25Mpa pressure, is a standard type of pressure-compensated piston pump, PVS-1 / 2B pressure compensated P, double pressure dual flow control NQ, solenoid valve cut off control RS, dual pressure control WS and other different control methods of the pump. Such as PZS-3B / 4B / 5B / 6B-70/100/130/180 / 220N1 / 3 / 4-10 and other different flow of pressure compensation piston pump, the pressure can be up to 28Mpa. Which PZS-3/4/5 / 6B also have dual pressure WS, electromagnetic cutting control RS, dual pressure dual flow NQ these fJinan Excavator Parts Company ways of the points. Such as PZ-2B / 3B / 4B / 5B / 6B This series of oil pump is a load-sensing EA variable piston pump, this type of pump is based on the variable piston pump technology, the use of hydrostatic bearing structure to achieve a super Mute the hydraulic combination system. Creating a quiet working environment. FeS-1B, PVS-1B, PZS-3B, PZS-4B, PZS-2B, PZS-2B, PZS-4B, PZS-2B, PZS-4B, PZS-4B, PZS-4B, PZS-4B, PZS-4B, PZS-4B, PZS-5B, PZS-6B, PZ-2B, PZ-3B, PZ-4B, PZ-5B PZ-6B series. Carrent Equipment Distributor Supplier listen closely to the wishes and suggestions of Jinan Excavator Parts Company clients. In particular then when these suggestions are looking towards future developments. Jinan Excavator Parts Company clients benefit from the intelligent linking of competencies across the group. With a comprehensive NACHI PISTON PUMP PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191A portfolio and efficient service offerings, Carrent Equipment Distributor Supplier counts as one of the preferred partners in the area of transmission manufacturing. As a global, leading company for the NACHI PISTON PUMP PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191Aion of tools in the areas of transmission manufacture, crane industry, mining and paper industry, Carrent Equipment Distributor Supplier covers the total value-added chain in the NACHI PISTON PUMP PVD-3B-56P-18G5-4191Aion of innovative tools – starting with the spotting of new technologies through determining its feasibility to creating solutions attuned to the individual needs of the client.


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