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PC300LC-7 final drive 207-27-00371,PC300-7 travel device motor 207-27-00370 207-27-00260,207-27-00410,708-8H-00320,708-8H-00330,

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pc300-7 final drive
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PC300LC-7 final drive 207-27-00371,PC300-7 travel device motor 207-27-00370 207-27-00260,207-27-0041

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Product Description

New Original

PC300-7 final drive 207-27-00371,708-8H-00320,208-27-71151,207-27-71320,PC300-7 Complete Travel Motor Assy,

PC400LC-7EO,PC400LC-8 Complete travel motor,PC300-7 final drive 208-27-71151,PC400LC-7,PC450LC-7 excavator travel device,

PC400 final drive assy 208-27-00243,PC400-6 Final drive,Transmission assy PC400-7 travel motor.

PC300 final drive assy 206-27-00421,PC300-7 PC350-7 Final drive assy,Transmission assy 207-27-00371 travel motor.

PC120 PC130 Travel Motor, PC130-6,excavator final drive assy 203-60-63111,PC130-7,PC120-6 final drive,

PC200 pc220 final drive assy 206-27-00422, 206-27-00421 PC220-7 excavator travel motor,

PC300-7 PC350-7 Final drive assy 207-27-00371 excavator travel device,PC300-7 travel motor,

PC400 final drive assy 208-27-00210,PC400-6 Travel Motor,PC400-7 excavator final drive,PC400 travel device,,

Travel Motor,706-8J-01012,PC400-7 Final drive assy,PC400 excavator travel device,

PC75UU final drive assy 21W-60-22130 21W-60-22410 21W-60-22411 TZ119D1000-00 21Y-60-21210,PC75UU TRAVEL MOTOR

PC300 final drive assy , 20Y-27-11250,PC300 complete travel motor,PC300-7,PC300-6 TRACK DEVICE,

Jinan Excavator Parts Company company is specialized in excavator parts of final drive ass'y, travel hydraulic motor, travel reducer for excavator final drive,travel motor etc.If what you need is not in the list, please feel free to contact us.

More machine model are available as below:

PHX350N-41-1264A PC40-7 final drive

MAG-16N-120 MAG18V240-2 MAG18VP-220-1 MAG18VP-230-1 MAG18V230-2

Orbital motor T144MA3017 TB015 MAG16V-140-3 MAG16V-160-1 MAG16V-180-2 MAG26V-310-1 KYB B0240-18046 MAG 18V-320E-3 MAG18V-210-1 MAG18V230-2 MAG18V-250-2 MAG26V-320-1

JSA0073 Final Drive PH200N371036A MAG26V-370-1 MAG26VP-310 KAA0528 MAG26VP-310-2 MAG33V-510-1 MAG33VP-370E-1 MAG-63VP-610 MAG-85VP-1000-2

PH290-45-5-8196A PH300-53-1124A PH300-53-84000L PH300-53-8400 H26B PH300N-53-1190A KAA0659 PH-500N-50-1368A PHV-120-35-5T-84 PHV290-45-5-854 PHV-300-419R1-8 MAG-63VP-610-2 PHV400N-53-R-15

GM08LC PHX300N-33-1432C GM09-BL2-A26-37-2 KAA0953

Airman final drives

AX22-2 4331679 AX25 AX25-2 AX27U AX29U AX30 AX30-1 4266832 AX30-2 4331680 AX35 4420998 AX35-2 4309477 AX40

Case final drives

CK32 CK36 CX31 PW15V00018F3 CX31B PX15V0025F1 CX36 PXV00020F2 CX36B PX15V00025F1 CX47 PY15V00009F1 CX50B PH15V00012F1 CX75 KAA1132 CX75SR KAA10310 9007 9007B 166291A1 9010B 161025A1 164541A1 9020 158046A1 9020B 161303A1 9030B 160432A1 9040 151890A1 9040B 159423A1 9013 CX130 164693A1 CX135 CX135SR KNA10520 CX210 KRA1426 CX210B KRA10120 CX225SR KRA12910 CX240 KBA10060 CX330 KSA1322

CA final drives

303 194-6469 1946469 303CCR 284-0878 2840878 303.5 163-9757 1639757 303.5C 291-9390 2919390 303.5D 304 208-1145 2081145 304CCR 266-6397 2666397 304.5 199-5148 1995148 305 191-1384 1911384 305CCR 282-1533 2821533 305DCR 300-4246 300-4246 305.5 191-1384 1911384 306 307 102-6410 307B 102-6460 307B 148-4736 307SSR 102-6460 307C 148-4736 1484736 308C E70 096-6774 0966774 E70B 102-6947 E70B 099-6480 311B 114-1527 312 142-6825 EL300B 1R6921

Daewoo Doosan final drives & Gehl & Halla final drives

Solar 035 40405-00110 Solar 55-V 2401-9232 Solar 70-3 401-00027 Solar 75-V 401-00335 Solar 55 DH110 2401-6036 DH130 2401-9121 DH130-II 2401-9121B DH170 2401-9092C DH180 2401-9037A DH220LC 2401-9082 DH280LC 2401-1168A DH320 2401-9090 S130-3 2401-9121A S130LC-V S140LC-5 S170-3 2401-9092B S170LC-V 401-00034 S175LC-V S220LC-3 2401-9082A S220LC-V 2401-9287 S225LC-V 401-00454C S280LC-III 2401-9269 S290LC-5 2401-9269 S300LC-V K1001992 S330-3 2401-9264 S330LC-V S340LC-V DX140 K1014772A DX225 K1000681A DX255 K1011413A DX27Z K1013467A DX300 401-00439C DX30Z K1028103B DX340 K1003131 DX350 170401-00014A DX35Z K1010210A DX380 K1033688 DX55 K1053100 DX80R K1029668 142 160591 153 192 160633 222 353 205703 HE130LC E32310010 HE220LC 42H310010 HE280LC 4411LH020000 HE360LC 3560BX073

Hanix final drives / Nissian final drives

H15B H26B H45B H50B N350-2 S&B25S 504-73005 S&B30S S&B45 40404-00020 S&B800

final drives

EX25 4331679 EX30 EX30-2 4309477 EX33 EX35-5 4420998 UE30 ZX30 EX40U 4433991 EX50U ZX40U ZX50U EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5 ZX60 EX75UR EX120-3 EX120-5 ZX120 EX135 FH330

Hyundai final drives

R15-7 XJDH-02819 R16-7 R35-7 XJDH-01995 R35Z 31MH-41010 R35Z-7 31MH-41010 R35Z-9 R55-3 31M6-60010 31M8-40010 31M8-40020 H8L81M8-10011 ROBLEX R55-7 31M8-40021 R55-7A 31M8-40010 Roblex R55-9 31M8-40010GG R60-9S R60CR-9 R75-7 XJDH-01749 R80-7 31N1-40010 R80-7A 31N1-40011 R140-7 31E6-42000 R140LC-7A 31EL-40010 R140LC-9 31Q4-40040 R160LC-3 31EG-42000 R160LC-7 31N5-40010 R180LC-3 31EL-40010 R180LC-7 31N5-40060 R180LC-7A 31N5-40060BG R2000LC E131-0445 R210LC-331EM-40010 R210LC-7 31N6-40010 R210LC-7 31N6-40050 R240LC-3 31EN-42000 R250LC-3 R250LC-7 31N7-40010 R250LC-7A 31N7-40020BG R255LC-3 31EN-42000 R280LC E231-0199 R290LC-3 3550BX067 R290LC-7 31N8-40010 R290LC-7A 31N8-40050BG R290LC-7H 31N8-40050 R300LC-7 31N8-40051BG R305LC-7 31N8-40011 R320LC-3 31E5-0003 R320LC-7 31N9-40010 R320LC-7A 31N9-40020 R360LC-3 31EH-0003 R360LC-7 31NA-40010 R360LC-7A 31NA-40020 R370LC-7 31NA-40021

IHI Final drives

25NX 0781173UA 0781173UA 28N 30NX-2 35J 35NX 0781229UA 0753786UA 0781217UA 35NX-2 40JX 0757765UA 50G 0753641UA 55J 0753788UA 0781149UA 80NX

JS Final drives

801.5 803 8030zts 8045 8080 JS70 JS130 JS160 JS160W 20/925815 drive motor JS200 JLA0369 JRA0121 JS220 20/925318 final drive motor assy JS190 JS200 JS210 JS220 JS235 JS235 20/925463 final drive LJM0073 LBQ5268 LBM0056 LZM0228 LZM0310 LAM0058 LAM0059 LBQ0072 05/903819 05/903804 05/903805 05/903809 05/903812 05/903854 8014 final drive 8016 final drive 05/903821 cover set 05/903834 sun gear 30 teeth 333/D3653 2nd reduction gear assy 2T235376091 05/903801 cover set 20/952592 sun gear 30 tooth 05/903805 1st planetary gear set 05/903806 2nd planetary gear set 05/903860 gear set 05/903863 sun gear 05/903874 nut 05/903873 bearing 05/903876 oil seal 332/J1841 JS115 JS130 332/J5852 final drive

Kobelco / New Holland final drives

SK16 PE15V00004F1 SK17 SK20SR PM15V00012F1 SK024 S19031-06800 SK025 S19031-13400 SK025-2 PV15V00005F1 SK027 S19031-06900 SK030 S19031-13600 SK30-2 PV15V00002F1 E30SR 30SR PW15V00015F1 E30SR-2 30SR-2 PW15V00018F2 E30SR-3 30SR-3 PX15V00025F1 E30SR-5 30SR-5 YW15V00005F1 SK60-2 SK60SR SK120SR 2A236L 2441U829F1

Kubota final drives

K028 KX71 KX71-2 KX71-3 KX91-2 KX61-2 KX101 KX101-2 KX121-2

K final drives

PC27R-8 PC30-7 PC40-7 PC50UU PC60-7 PC95R-2 final drive PC120-3 PC120-5 PC130-7 PC200-6 PC200-7 PC200-8 final drive PC210-6 PC210-7 PC210-8 final drive PC200-6 PC220-7 PC220-8 final drive PC240-6 PC240-7 PC240-8 final drive

Samsung final drives

SE210LC-3 114300010

Sumitomo final drives

S160F SH60-1 SH60-2 SH120-2 SH120-3 SH200

Takeuchi final drives

TB015 TB016 TB125 TB135 TB145 TB80FR TB175

final drives

B25V VIO15 VIO30 VIO75

Volvo final drives

EC15 EB22 EC180B


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